Wild Goat Entertainment

Why Wild Goat? In true goat fashion, we’re ready to curiously explore the higher ground, go where others may not tread. Thankfully, we are not the fainting variety of goat! Although they are fun to watch.

Wild Goat believes in the power of music to connect, touch, inspire, excite, move, and heal. Creating, producing, and curating music concerts for theatres, festivals, and events gives us purpose, because we love music…we dig people…and we get music!

Our team is all about bringing together, and collaborating with, an incredible collective of local, national, and international artists to deliver exciting and authentic music, concert, cabaret and show experiences for awesome humans who are passionate about live music and theatre. Quite simply, we love what we do, and we do what we love! So for goats’ sake, check us out at a venue near you!

Thanks for reading. xx

Melanie Evans l Founder

About Us


Our Wild Goat show productions allow us to combine our love of great music and fabulous theatre!

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