Weddings...our favourite kind of special!

What can we say about weddings? Fun filled, beautiful occasions where love, joy, and happiness abound.

Wild Goat are absolute super stars when it comes to helping create your ‘best life’ wedding, and we love nothing more than seeing you and your guests carving up the dance floor to the grooviest songs, or slow dancing to your favourite classic tune. We know music equals memories, and we want to provide you and your guests with memories that last well after your special day has passed.

Your wedding…the different elements.

The beautiful tender moments of your Ceremony, the relaxed pre-party vibe of your Cocktail/Canapes hour, your intimate first dance, and the first moments we get the party started on the dance floor…Wild Goat understands these are all important facets of your wedding, and we genuinely make it our business to help create the perfect vibe for YOUR day with music!

Did someone say flexibility?

We know every wedding is unique, how you imagine your wedding day is very different to how another couple imagines theirs. We work with you to help you realise YOUR vision! Only want reception music…no problemo. Ceremony and reception is what you had in mind…Coolio schmoolio. The whole kit and kaboodle…yes, we can do that too. Wild Goat offers different options to suit, and we can even create a bespoke package especially for you.

Song requests

We know how special music is in people’s lives…many of our most significant moments in life are punctuated with a song. If you are thinking of a special song for those key moments of your wedding, let us know.

Other things...

Many of our artists also MC…making announcements and generally keeping proceedings running smoothly and on time.

Wild Goat will help take the stress out of planning the music for your wedding. We can look after everything music related, from selecting the perfect artist for the day, to sound and lighting. We’ll consult with you as much or as little as you like…whatever floats your boat and makes you happy!

Whatever kind of wedding you are going for, whether it’s’ a chilled backyard gathering, a posh picnic, or a fancy black tie affair, we’re here to help!

Family throwing rose petals at the newly wed bride and groom

The little details...

An acoustic duo or trio is the perfect choice to help bring the right ambience to your ceremony. So, whether it’s classical, easy listening, or contemporary, we can help you select the right tunes to set the scene.

A duo, trio or quartet works well for the time your guests are mingling and waiting for the wedding party to arrive. Jazz and easy listening offer a beautiful background ambience to allow your guests to catch up and chat.

Let the party start! Our quartet is a great option for smaller sized gatherings, but if you really want to paint the town red…our larger configurations are best. It’s high energy and excellent musicianship at its best. We’ll start with the easy mid-tempo tunes, while dinner is being served, and then when the time comes, we’ll get cracking on the party tunes.

Price Estimates

Here’s some examples of prices and band configurations.
Ensemble Size Band Configuration Price
DUO Guitar + Voice from $1300 + GST
TRIO Guitar + Bass + Voice from $2000 + GST
FOUR PIECE BAND Guitar + Bass + Drums + Voice from $2600 + GST
FIVE PIECE BAND Guitar + Bass + Drums + Keys or Sax/Trumpet + Voice from $3200 + GST
SIX PIECE BAND Guitar + Bass + Drums + Keys + Sax/Trumpet + Voice from $3800 + GST
SEVEN PIECE BAND Guitar + Bass + Drums + Keys + Sax + Trumpet + Voice from $4400 + GST
EIGHT PIECE BAND Guitar + Bass + Drums + Keys + Sax + Trumpet + Trombone + Voice from $5000 + GST
NINE PIECE BAND Guitar + Bass + Drums + Keys + 2 x Sax + Trumpet + Trombone + Voice from $5600 + GST
TEN PIECE BAND Guitar + Bass + Drums + Keys + 2 x Sax + Trumpet + Trombone + 2 x Voice from $6200 + GST
These are only examples, we can generally do any kind of band configuration you like!
Want to add a DJ? No problem…we can do that.
Need full expert sound and lighting…we can help with that too.

From smooth easy listening tunes,
to dance floor fillers....
we’ve got you covered.

Happy bride and groom their first dance

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